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Promote social responsibility, discuss pressing topics, and strengthen relationships over an exquisite meal, complemented by a live show to ensure a lasting impression.

With live entertainment tailored to enhance your experience, our Corporate Dinners serve as a great platform to mobilise support across various groups within and around your organisation.


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Create lasting impressions with a cultural showcase

Corporate dinners are more than just meals. They’re an opportunity to foster relationships, build support, and leave a lasting impression. By showcasing local, national, or company culture at your event, you make guests feel valued and connected. Capitalize on this unique opportunity to mobilize different groups within and around your organization through a shared cultural experience.

Make Every Word Count

Make your CEO’s speech the highlight of the evening and ensure every word resonates with your audience. Build anticipation, engage listeners, and leave them with a message they won’t forget.

Foster Stronger Connections

By focusing on improving your internal and international networks, you’re not just creating stronger bonds within your team – you’re building a solid future for your business amid ever-changing landscapes. Experience the power of connectivity with our corporate dinner today.

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26 Shows with over 25M+ vistors across 18 different countries.

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Dancer Kinetic Lights
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Corporate Event

BOD Dinner
Beyond Tomorrow

Our studio brought two distinct show moments to life for an exclusive BOD dinner in the luxurious Grand Hyatt Seoul, South Korea. A harmonious blend of Korean and Arab culture.

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Corporate Event

BOD Dinner
‘Universe of Knowledge’

We designed and executed two show moments for an exclusive Board of Directors dinner in the British Museum, UK, London. For one evening only.

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Exclusive Corporate Event

BOD Dinner

We honoured the relationship between Japan and our Arab client by designing a scenographic ode to the Japanese flag and combining both cultures musically.

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Corporate Event

BOD Dinner
'Classical Cohesion'

Plugged Live Shows designed a high-end performance with Dutch finest classical soloists and dancers, each representing a core value of the company.

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Corporate Event

BOD Dinner
'Complementing Energies'

Based on the rationale of ‘Complementing Energies’, we created three show performances in South-Korea with local performers, including video projectmapping.

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Corporate Event

Incentive Dinner
'El Ritme del Sol'

At the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, the gateway of the Sun, we created a dynamic live show to conclude a week-long incentive trip of Amway China. During this live show, we skillfully revealed the latest logo, seamlessly intertwining it with the colourful and dynamic essence of Spain's rich cultural tapestry.

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