Experience design


To go from a blank sheet to a standing ovation, we turn to interdisciplinary thinking. All to design the ultimate meaningful memory.

building blocks of emotive storytelling Disciplines

Concept & Story

In the core of everything we do is the rationale. The communicative red thread, which is then combined with artistry and theatre that ties all show concepts into an exquisite display.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Multimedia runs from holograms, video content and mediaservers to light design and previsualisations in VR.

Performing Arts

Our shows are brought to life by the artists and performers we work with. The disciplines within performing arts inspire us to perfection. In our R&D Lab, we rehearse and prepare our performances of a lifetime.


The stories we create would be left floating if not for the breathtaking surroundings that invite you into their world. Our scenography is a character in a choreography of storytelling, one we happily design.

Technical Production

Complexity made to look effortless. The quest for peak performance leads us to work with the industry’s best specialists to make your experience not only memorable, but safe, efficient and realistic.

Project Management

A dream castle remains a figment of imagination, if not for a plan and a healthy dose of realism. The critical path is leading and governing is foreseeing. We manage the art and we manage the project.

From vision to artwork Process

Our design philosophy is simple: start with a blank sheet and the assumption that everything is possible. Thereafter, we shave off the rough edges and refine your custom creation into a work of art. We carefully combine strategy with theatrical, audio-visual and emotive techniques to hit just the right note within your audience.

From vision to artwork, we turn your dream into reality.



We believe that every tailor-made concept has the need for a rationale and narrative. Inquiring questions lead us to the human emotion and communicative ‘why’ that is at the core of your event.

Our strategic storytellers and artistic directors take this rationale, search beyond ‘the obvious’ for symbolism, iconography and abstraction and provide an artistic approach. The final rationale becomes the foundation of the creative concept and gives direction to all future show elements.



With your feedback and a defined rationale, our creative team sets out to turn the abstract idea into a concrete show design. This is where the abstract vision transforms into a defined blueprint and plan of approach.

A storyline is developed, together with a vivid description of each show moment. Tailor-made show design is supported by various visual impressions, conveying the desired style and feeling we are aiming for. The Executive Producer, Creative Producers and Project Managers research every aspect of this creative direction, as we prepare for the next phase.



This is where the initial dream materialises into a refined reality, right before your eyes.

Our interdisciplinary team gets to work: music is composed, scripts are written, costumes and props are handcrafted, choreographies created, rehearsals are directed and more. With the rationale as the red thread, we maintain creative supervision throughout. Step by step your custom-made experience emerges, ready to take the stage.



Finally, it’s time to enjoy your custom show in all its glory. Our experienced and respected show crew executes the full show production, from technical and dressed rehearsals, to strategic and artistic direction, backstage management and styling. Meaning and fascination connect on the stage elegantly. A meaningful memory is created, one of emotion and amazement.



The curtain has dropped and the applause has faded. When the show comes to a close, we step into the final phase. It is time to look back at the impressive moments we made together, reflect on the process and discuss future improvements. We thank partners and clients alike for the unforgettable journey. All that is left is a meaningful memory, ready to endure the trial of time.

Plugged Music

We orchestrate emotions Custom-made music

Music is what emotions sound like. That is why we use our in-house studio to compose and record original compositions for your event. This allows us to set the tone, create the perfect atmosphere and direct every aspect of our creations. Explore a selection of our discography below.

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