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Welcome to our core.

A creative studio that creates custom-made live shows. We give rare moments the attention they deserve. That’s our gift to the world.

Plugged Live Shows creates and produces touching live shows that engage and inspire audiences around the world. We take pride in our remarkable creations, our interdisciplinary thinking, and that each of our show designs is tailor-made for the story it is meant to tell.

From the rationale and concept, the music composed in our in-house studio and the costumes worn by our performers, all the way to the complete creative supervision and execution: We are artisans that orchestrate emotions and communicate in goosebumps.


We believe in the power of human emotion


We touch people’s souls by creating meaningful memories

Values Our Promises


Rare moments deserve a custom show

Each of our clients has a unique DNA. Its own rich history, personal values and story to tell. Our shows embody a multitude of those unique elements, from the bigger picture all the way to the nitty gritty details. Therefore, our work is always custom, made just for you.


Complexity made effortless

With our creative vision and interdisciplinary thinking we bring complex concepts to life. While our imagination and storytelling knows no bounds, they meet their equal in the reality of a high-end production and integrated technology. We will go to the edge of the world to make your ultimate dream reality.


We create the “high” that makes your message stick

Through show design and storytelling we create that sweet spot between allure and emotion, ensuring that your message hits the right nerve with your audience. At the same time, we aim for an experience that inspires action or thought. Our client’s story is rarely meant as a mere pretty picture.

Humans of Plugged Our Team

Guardians of the wow

A playful, curious and determined group of experts, who will stop at nothing to bring remarkable concepts to life.

Across multiple departments we all follow the same dream: to create experiences that inspire people, brands, cultures and companies. In creativity there’s little room for ego, making trust and respect of the essence. Together we dream big, work hard and celebrate the moments that matter.

All with some fun and craziness on the side. Because when was anything innovative not seen as a little crazy?

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The journey so far Our History


Birth of an idea

After having lived in South Africa, Koen (middle) returned to The Netherlands with a spark. His love for music broadened the more variation he encountered. Not being able, nor wanting to choose between all possible styles, he decided: why not work interdisciplinary? Together with Rick (left) and Chris (right) the idea for “Plugged” had been born.


The first performance

The trio went on to organise the first of many events called “Plugged”, where they plugged in live musicians as an addition to DJ sets. They quickly moved on from organising events to focusing on the artists. Facility, ticketing, that is all incredibly important. But what they really cared about was what happened on stage.


The inception

While “Plugged” became a brand on its own, Koen travelled the world, working for various events. On his way back home riding the Trans-Mongolian Express, he set off to write the business plan for what would become Plugged Live Shows. That might not have been the best idea. Curious why? Read it here.


Birth of a brand

Plugged Live Shows had been responsible for multiple large shows, including the annual celebrations of So far the focus was on fascination. The bigger, the better. During rehearsals in the catacombs of the Dutch National Ballet, the team shared an emotional moment. When goosebumps travelled down their arms, everything changed. From this point on, Plugged Live Shows would pursue emotion.


Musical epiphany

Show after show, Plugged Live Shows grew its passion and expertise. While original music had been essential from the start, soon props, costumes and scenography were added to our arsenal of tools. All to convey emotion in the most beautiful way possible. Along the way we partnered with wonderful creators and artists. Such as multiple Grammy-winner Yo-Yo Ma, a hallmark in the history of classical music.


Trust conquers fear

Like for many, the coronavirus put a halt on our plans and projects. We worked hard to keep our team together and our creativity alive. At the same time, we saw our beloved industry wither away. Together with multiple partners we created Project Playground, to inspire event professionals and remind them of our collective strength. We were touched to see that our goal was met, when this event won the Golden Giraffe by public vote.


Renewed and improved

This year we ran the largest show production so far: a 1,5 hour evening show for a corporate anniversary. In the eight months of passionate work – in which we even went so far as to build a custom theatre (for one night only) – our brand entered a new era. Accompanied by a new website, a new brand identity, and even bigger dreams: this is the renewed and improved Plugged Live Shows.

Where the magic happens Facilities

Main creative hub

At the Plugged HQ we have an in-house music studio, design studio, programming studio and an editing studio.

Our office is the place where we orchestrate emotions, compose original pieces and transform pre-existing melodies into remarkable arrangements. Where we visualise our ideas through digital stage designs and 3D renders. Where music, visuals and light designs can be programmed and tested.

Who we work with Friends & Partners

We’re in good company

The Plugged™ brand represents several labels that operate in the live-entertainment industry. As part of that bigger family, Plugged Live Shows has created worldwide custom-made live shows for a wide variety of clients, ranging from dance events to world industry leaders. Next to that, we love partnering with wonderful people and exquisite creators, who - through struggle and delight - we welcome as our extended family.

Heineken / Universal Pictures / Lightyear / MCI Amsterdam / George P Johnson / Mollie / Saudi Aramco / Event Concept / / SHV / Efteling /

Feadship / World Expo Dubai 2020 / Xsaga / KLM / VokDams / Uniplan / Denk Producties / The Oval Office / Smolders / / TNW / The Experience Conductor / Walibi Holland /

The possibilities are endless

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