BOD Dinner
Beyond Tomorrow


Our studio brought two distinct show moments to life for an exclusive BOD dinner in the luxurious Grand Hyatt Seoul, South Korea. A harmonious blend of Korean and Arab culture.


  • Concept & story
  • Performing arts
  • Music compositions
  • Art direction

Commissioned by

  • MCI Netherlands


  • Seoul, South-Korea

For an exclusive Board of Directors Dinner we created two show moments in Seoul, South Korea. We used artistry to represent classics and pioneers, nature and technology. Between grand and intimate moments, Korean and Arab culture were joined in harmony once again.

Time is a curious thing. It will exist and continue to move, even if we do not. Only our actions determine our own path through time. We can strive for balance and better our relationships through it. We can embrace innovation and move with it. We cannot stop time. We can only learn from the past, see the present and look towards the future.

For our Arab client and their Korean partner, we focused on acknowledging their well-established partnership and welcoming future collaborations. Considering aspects of both Korean and Arab culture, we were able to develop two show moments custom-made for the selective guests. Our carefully selected performers, musicians and accompanying technological production invited the dinner guests to an evening of wonder and aspiration.

“If we look for it today, tomorrow will have a new horizon. The future is beyond.”

Circle of Life

An acrobatic interpretation of the Wheel of Life, an ancient concept that has withstood numerous trials of time.

Inspired by the ancient Buddhist Wheel of Life, we adapted a refined cyr wheel performance for the first show moment. The Wheel of Life refers to the need of finding balance in life through various aspects in life, including prosperity, health, and taking care of the environment. These elements directly connected to the overall message of the evening: a balanced partnership.

The cyr-wheel pioneer Valérie Inertie demonstrated her artistry with gracious acrobatics. A mesmerizing performance.

Kinetic Motion

Time moves in a fluid motion. Man and technology must do the same.

The second show moment reflected the interplay between nature and technology, expressing the elements in kinetic motion. The performer is surrounded by glowing orbs, together representing innovation, physics and organic motion. Energy is exchanged and made to travel in a ripple effect.

As her final gesture, the performer offers one of her kinetic spheres to the audience. At that moment, a single illuminated sphere appears above each dining table, surrounded by dry ice. This grand finale created a stunning setting, an intimate note to close the show with and introduce the dessert.


Cinematic musical performances with Korean and Arab influences in harmony.

The guests were taken on a musical journey. The evening started with subtle acoustic sounds & organic stimuli, where the Jiha Park performed with a Seanghwang, a Korean mouth organ.  Syrian Gheath Almaghoot responded to this on the clarinet, with an Arabic melody. Slowly but surely, electronic undertones were added, once again portraying the collaboration between humanity and technology.

Music arrangements stretched from classical to modern, to comfortably emphasize the overarching theme of time passing. From yesterday to tomorrow.


No stone left unturned: the walls and even the table surfaces became an extension of the stage.

The dinner area had to evoke an expected Michelin star dining experience, while seamlessly lending itself for multiple immersive show experiences. Throughout the evening, the tables and stage presented various aspects of the show, welcoming a connection between the audience, the served dishes and the show moments.

Shutters at the front of the stage created the illusion of open windows. This use of light design gave the feeling of space outside the dining area, while connecting with the interior design of the Grand Hyatt Hotel venue.

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