Incentive Dinner
'El Ritme del Sol'


At the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, we created a dynamic 45 minute live show to conclude a week-long incentive trip of Amway China. During this show, we tastefully unveiled the new logo, while showcasing the rich and vibrant culture of Spain.


  • Concept & story
  • Performing arts
  • Music compositions
  • Art direction

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  • Madrid, Spain

Immersed in the passion of the Spanish nights, Amway China’s top employees experienced an incentive dinner to mark the conclusion of a week-long trip.

In Madrid, we celebrated the hardworking employees of Amway, shared colourful traditions of Spain and communicated Amway’s core values with a mix of strategic and artistic storytelling. The show ended with the introduction of Amway’s new logo.

The show took place in the Palacio de Cibeles, where the ceilings are of glass and the atmosphere undeniable. Here we moved the show in the rhythm of the sun. Slowly going from light and cheerful to dark and passionate. To be able to work with the daylight was enchanting and gave the show another dimension. With carefully crafted choreographies, artists and musicians, we were able to immerse the audience in Spanish delight.

The sun as the centre.

The Golden Hour and sunset had a large effect on the facades of the monumental building

We immersed the guests in the authentic experience of a Spanish lifestyle. Where life is entirely built around the joys of outdoor living. In a place where the daily activities revolve around the sun, the stage design mirrored this essence by positioning the sun as the focal element.

With innovative light design, we transformed an initial challenge into a unique advantage. Initially, we were concerned that the glass roof of the venue might clash with our lighting design and natural daylight. However, we turned this potential drawback into a strength by aligning the concept of our show with the venue’s architecture.

Introducing ‘El Ritmo del Sol,’ our performance effortlessly synchronised with the sun’s rhythm, utilising the various stages of the day to shape and elevate our show. Allow us to walk you through this captivating journey.

Here comes the sun

After the storm, the stages flourish with dancers and custom flamenco music.

Holding a set of fans, the dancers elegantly performed a choreography in vibrant red, embodying the passionate hue. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this choice carried another significance, as it artistically represented the ‘Carnation flower,’ Spain’s national symbol. Highlighting the cultural significance of fans in both Spain and China, we forged a unique connection between the two countries. This added layer enriched the narrative of the performance.

Within the choreography, we initially showcased the national Spanish  flower. As the fans gracefully turned, they seamlessly transformed into the Amway logo—a flower adorned with a vibrant spectrum of colours.

Our flamenco version of ‘Here comes the sun’ accompanied the dancers in this live setting.

Night time

The moonlight has a captivating power that draws out our deepest emotions and hidden desires.

As the day fades into darkness, the night awakens, along with a sense of mystery and intrigue.  After serenity comes passion. As the dancers enter the stage, the setting changes to bright red flames and volcanic explosions.

The choreography bursts with intensity and energy, captivating guests with the dynamic fusion of drums, whips, and the traditional Argentine tap dance by Malevo.

Explosion of colour

The son has made its journey, and its warmth gives way to the flourishing of spring.

Our trip around the sun concluded, and it led us to a floral festival full of dance, song and showers of Amway flower-shaped, coloured confetti. The guests were treated with serenity, spectacle, amazement and cocktails.

Moving forward to the apotheosis of the show, we invited the dancers, artists and musicians back on stage for a spectacular reprise. We filled the air with a rainbow of colours to end this trip around the sun.

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