BOD Dinner
‘Universe of Knowledge’


Our studio designed two show moments for an exclusive Board of Directors dinner in the British Museum, UK, London. For one evening only we took the guests on a journey through time and space.


  • Concept & Story
  • Music Composition
  • Performing Arts
  • Choreography
  • Costume Design & Make-up
  • Show Crew

Commissioned by

  • MCI


  • London, United Kingdom

In the spring of 2019 we created two show moments for an exclusive Board of Directors dinner. For one evening only we took the guests on a journey through time and space in the entrance hall of the British Museum.

Over centuries, the Arab and European cultures have shared their knowledge with one another. Historical treasures have continuously been passed on in various ways and their meaning evolved in the hands of the younger generation. The historical Astrolabe is a prime example of such transferred knowledge. It symbolises the urge to reach for the stars and a desire for exploration. At the same time, it poses common ground for an ongoing conversation between the two cultures. Essential for strengthening the foundation of a long-standing relationship between the multinational and its partners.

With the British Museum as our stage, we celebrated this exchange and shed a spotlight on the opportunities that the future holds.

Collection of knowledge

A stage for one night only, in front of the library that holds the notebook of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Below the beautiful roof structure of the British Museum, in front of the wall surrounding the British Library that opened in 1857, a stage was built that allowed for days of rehearsals. Every evening after rehearsals, the stage was built down to allow for visitors to enter the Great Court the following day. A stunning amount of projectors facilitated a choreographed spectacle of dancers, wireless light objects and projection mapping on the facade of the Reading Room.

“Being asked to conceptualise a story about the union of ancient cultures and wisdom, in the pinnacle of historic collections of mankind is a true honour.”
Koen Colmbijn — Creative Director

Cross-cultural sound

Traditional Arabic sound and British pop meet in a custom music piece.

For ages, music has been a means through which different people could overcome their cultural barriers. Rhythm and melody offer a way to communicate emotion and story in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

This is why, for the first show moment, we put together an ensemble of traditional Arabic musicians, who performed an original piece. The custom composition involved the musical equivalent of a unique and valuable exchange of knowledge from different origins.

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