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Internal communication via a live experience has proven to be the most effective way of making an impact, inspire and create action. 
We call it ‘the creation of Meaningful Memories’.

What is the ROI of a strategic kick-off event, as part of internal communication? Surely it is to bring a message, or messages across. The vision of the company, a step into change, the focus points for the year to come, or a deep-dive into a specific topic.

However it is not merely the message that must be delivered. It must stir the crowd. Inspire, or set a tone. Motivate, attract a desired response. In order for the message to be delivered well and become a motivating ‘Meaningful Memory’, we need to orchestrate emotions as well as set the stage for impact.

Doing so is a skill. A speciality. It requires a combination of corporate communication combined with just the right dose of theatrical know-how. This does not mean it must include dancers, costumes, special effects per sé. It means that the crowds emotions require to be taken on a journey. Live communication is storytelling in a fascinating way, so that the core message resonates and becomes the first step in a transformation.


Concept & Story


Performing Arts


Technical Production

Project Management

Strategy at the core of the experience concept

This is where we start: what is the core message that you want to deliver during the event or live experience? We capture this message in what we call ‘the rationale’. It can be a tagline, a ‘why’, a core principle or a philosophic insight. It is about searching for that ‘aha’ moment, that one truth that resonates, and that captures the essence of the reasoning behind the strategy. It should be entangled with the desired outcome, the inspiration and motivation that our audience brings home and cherishes. A memory, but with strategic meaning.

A live event that is meant to deliver strategic communication, whether internal or external should resonate this rationale, in every way it strengthens the message. It gives direction to the design concept, stage design, the shows, the video content, and everything else playing a part during the live moment. The implementation of it can be toned down when required, or be put at full volume depending on the event. It can give way to a fairy tail like concept, or only be implemented into the speeches or the show. Nonetheless, when the ROI of the experience is to deliver (internal) communication, every design element should play its part in the deliverance.

Strategy feeds Creative, 
Creative feeds Production.

Why originality is key for competitive differentiation

A strategic session delivers a message. A vision for the future. In order to reach your audience, one must make an impact. To do this, storytelling is a central component. However managing the attention span and the receptivity of the audience is of the greatest essence. We live in a time and age where experiences are readily available and of high quality. From concerts, themeparcs, the world of cinema to the digital opportunities that come with VR and augmented reality, our audience has a high threshold when it comes to being awestruck. This is where not only authenticity comes in, but originality, surprise, pride. This is where we can truly connect.

In a world where we stride for talent, 
being authentic and unique is a key component in internal communication.

This is where opportunities lie, especially when an experience is shared together. We make an audience gather around a strategy because we deliver the vision in a fitting context that is worthy of remembering, unique. Customisation is not a goal in itself, when necessary, it is a means to an end. And by designing an experience that aligns perfectly with the rationale and is jaw dropping at the same time, we allow you to differentiate and offer unique value in terms of ‘belonging’ that our audience cannot find somewhere else.

The attention span is the red thread towards strategic delivery

Whether a message comes across deeply depends on the emotional state the receiving part of this two way street is in. Is the audience excited? Did we manage to make them forget about daily life? It is all about the build up towards that one moment. The avoidance of boredom and the creation of focus.

We often refer to Beethovens Symphony No. 7, to portray how a mega-sized orchestra starts the musical performance, nearly in silence. Building tension over minutes and minutes, only to work its way for the big moment where you find yourself driving 150km/h on the highway. This climax is where you deliver your message. This is where it sticks. Everything during the event, from the invitation, the entrance, catering, and the performance program itself should work together towards Beethoven’s apotheosis.

This is our specialty. Creating the red thread with speakers and performers, to deliver impact and orchestrate goosebumps.

Designing every detail: we are makers, specialists & co-creators

Our specialists in the realms of (internal) communication, artistic direction, music compositions, stage design, technical production and more, understand that we are designing a live version of your brand. This means that we are set on co-creation, as no one understands your brand better than you. As soon as the rationale is set, we start setting the stage for that what is required from us. A full event concept, stage design, speaker coaching, opening and or closing show, side entertainment or entertainment that manages crowd control, we are an extension of your in-house event team or work together with an event agency.

As a creative studio, we are looking forward to creating a meaningful memory with you.

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