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Create and execute a live show with a subsequent drinks area for the Click by 2019 Conference, communicating and emphasising the importance of the platform's technological back-end.


  • Concept & Story
  • Music Composition
  • Performing Arts
  • Choreography
  • Costume Design & Make-up
  • Prop Design

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  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In 2018 the Click by conference took place. A big celebration and a great opportunity to communicate a corporate message, share knowledge and share big company announcements.

Sugar City in Amsterdam was the stage for the exciting internal conference of, called Click. This experience took place amidst a grand and moving stage design with cubes and mirrors, which could be accustomed to the different phases of the conference. This conference welcomed 1500 visitors a day.

We told the story of the new strategic approach of, following the 2018 Click event, integrating new products that leads to a seamless travellers journey. This enabled an immersive rationale that brought us to connect the different stages of a holiday, showing the possibilities and the promise of an integrated system. A dance choreography connected all building blocks of the company and introduced the story the speakers would share.

Visual leap

We went down the digital rabbit hole with an immersive animation of an AI entity.

Over the course of two days, international speakers consisting of (inter)national c-level executives, creatives, innovators and changemakers, brought together the story of what the seamless experience travel could aspire to.

By facilitating the glue of the story in terms of artistry, composed music and live strategic storytelling, we amplified the message of new opportunities, of unity and a shared tomorrow.

“Creating a custom experience via music, storytelling, scenography and special effects, enabled us to tell the story that needed to be shared. A message of the future.”
Koen Colmbijn — Production Manager

Immersive experience

The opportunities and capabilities the stage design brought, enabled us to create a true immersive experience.

During this spectacle, we invited the crowd into the mainframe of an integrated system. Outside of the mainstage area, the show started with a musical performance combined with storytelling, that explained why the guests should enter the realism of technology.Because it is inside this piece of software where the questions were about to be answered.

Having industry professionals as guests, managed to offer a line-up of speakers that delivered on this promise. Combined with the abstract inspiration that were our shows.

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