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Create and execute an experience that opens the conversation of a new strategic path. A seamless and efficient travelers journey facilitated by new technology.


  • Concept & Story
  • Music Composition
  • Performing Arts
  • Costume Design & Make-up
  • Stage Specials
  • Prop Design

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  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After years of successfully collaborating in strategic storytelling via live experiences, asked us to design the artistic storytelling for a new concept. A public event in which they share knowledge and inspiration.

Opening a conference with the assignment to free the audience of industry assumptions is a challenge we thankfully accepted. The audience was divided seating-wise by an industry forced framework. Separated by the borders of the status quo, as well as a scenographic setting with curtains that divided the audience, the show began with a lot of symbolism.

Using music instruments made and selected specifically based on the audience they would perform for: logistics, hotels, restaurants and attractions – the performance started. At the apotheosis, the curtains fell and were instantly pulled upwards into the abyss of height the venue offered, disappearing as if it was wizardry. The borders between the audience were lifted, opening up realms of possibilities.

There are no borders here

Special effects and scenography to emphasize the possibilities when borders are lifted.

As the curtains disappeared, the stage design for the rest of the conference was introduced. When we started in confinement, all of a sudden a realm of space came to exist triggering surprise, openness and a change of dimensions. That symbolism was drenched with strategic storytelling, turning into a meaningful memory.

The breathtaking realism of opportunity when shedding of the confinement of assumption, is an experience to never forget.

Custom instruments

Differentiating the different target groups in the room, challenged us to create musical instruments connected to the origins of the spectators.

After opening the first day of the conference, we introduced the most peculiar host of the day. Or rather the AI system that joined in to learn from the speakers and the strategic direction that was shared.

Visualized via video content, the software platform changing the world, was actually learning with us as the day progressed.

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