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A Corporate Festival can be so much more than just an event. It’s able to leave a lasting impression on its participants and drive organizational objectives forward.

Transform your company culture and boost employee engagement with our unique approach to Corporate Festivals. Let's bring back the joy of work, together, and let Plugged Live Shows help you foster a vibrant culture that fuels productivity, collaboration, and retention.


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Celebrate Company Culture

Your staff is your greatest asset. But engaging with them in today’s rapidly evolving corporate environment can become quite the challenge. At Plugged Live Shows, we’re all about fostering connection and enhancing company culture. Our unique approach to Corporate Festivals ensures employees coming together in a extraordinary and highly enjoyable environment, promoting engagement and team bonding.

Strategy at the core

Our approach to corporate events starts with understanding your business objectives. We design engaging Corporate Festivals that not only engage and bond your team but also align with your strategic goals, contributing to a stronger and more productive workforce.

Boost Your Brand

Boost your corporate culture by hosting a festival that not only increases employee engagement but also serves as a powerful tool for marketing, PR, and recruitment. Let the power of shared experiences enhance your brand identity and improve staff retention. Create meaningful memories while making strategic business moves.

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Corporate Event

100 Year Anniversary

We created and executed the story of 100 years of KLM, to be performed multiple times per day, for a full week of celebrations for various guest groups.

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Corporate Event

A Beautiful
Underwater World

We communicated the new ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ of our client in an immersive, corporate festival, including a two-day entertainment program with 160 artists.

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Exclusive Corporate Event

of Imagination

We created and produced a corporate festival, to incite excitement for new beginnings and provoke creativity in the guests from a wide multicultural spectrum.

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Corporate Event


We designed and created a corporate festival where we took the audience on a journey, visiting the greatest moments in history. From festivals to happenings.

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