A Beautiful
Underwater World


Communicate the new ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ of our client into an immersive, corporate festival, including an entertainment program with 160 artists over two days.


  • Concept & Story
  • Music Composition
  • Performing Arts
  • Choreography
  • Costume Design & Make-up
  • Prop Design

Commissioned by

  • MCI Amsterdam


  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Immerse in the wondrous world of infinite beauty. As the festive evening progressed, we dived deeper and deeper into the underwater world with its unique creatures and stories to tell.

What is the underwater world if not a choreography of colours and movement. For this show, an intricate motion system of hoists and rails was developed. Combining props and aerial performers, the challenge was to integrate technique with art, into a seamless performance.

Whilst the party developed, so grew the complexity of its moving parts. Fountains, lasers, video content, light design, scenography and special effects synergized into a spectacle the sea is known to celebrate. And as we went deeper, the light became weary and darkness took over. A feast for sharks and other mysterious creatures.

Different stages of the ocean

Moving through different scenes in storytelling and scenography.

Starting in the colourful world of seaweed and vivid creatures, we found objects long forgotten at the bottom of these shallow parts. Out of nothing, seahorses and dolphins appeared and mythical inhabitants welcomed us to this stage.

A true blue ocean, where tranquility and bliss showed the benefits of staying away from the red ocean, where the sharks live.

“Combining theatre and corporate strategy enabled us to move people via surprise and wonder, creating focus and room for a story to tell.”
Koen Colmbijn — Production Manager

Aesthetics and fascinations

The power of the stage performances was balanced out by awe and wonder.

Via extensive time-coded design we carefully crafted the build up of tension, by making sure the elements at our disposal were introduced at the appropriate moment.

With limited rehearsal days at the venue, visualisations, offsite rehearsals and testing of the props with motion ws key. We managed to create a complete world of spectacle.

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