Design and create a corporate festival where we take the audience on a journey, visiting the greatest moments in history. From festivals to happenings.


  • Concept & Rationale
  • Music Composition
  • Performing Arts
  • Choreography
  • Costume Design & Make-up
  • Prop Design
  • Stage Design

Commissioned by

  • MCI Amsterdam


  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

What if we design a stage that is a trainstation. Wonderlust station to be exact. And what if that station could bring you anywhere in the world, to the biggest happenings and celebrations. What if you could experience a night, that has it all?

Entangled with pounding live music performances, our Wonderlust station came to life and announced the next stop. Accompanied by an orchestra of trainconductors, video content and SFX effects, the handle was pulled and the train departed towards an unknown destination.

Visiting destinations in India, China, Egypt, The United States of America and Mexico, we went on a colourful journey to experience all that life has to offer. With a stage full of surprises, a storyline unfolded. Building up to the speech that delivered the realization that there was more to come. Exceptionally more. Brace yourselves, the next experience is on its way.

Destination unknown

We embarked on a journey, combining fantasy, storytelling and a proper concert setting.

Bands, DJ’s and three bonus locations filled with entertainment. A spectacular station was created that offered fitting entertainment for the multicultural audience.

We researched the hit songs of the audience, which brought us to include musical performances. The evening was filled with festive nostalgia for everyone, from China to Mexico.

‘99 luftballons’ was performed live, where a promise was delivered upon. A surprise element with meaning for our multicultural audience.
Koen Colmbijn — Creative Director

Around the world

From a superbowl performance to an Egyptian carriage, we went there.

Taking high esteem of programming in 360 degrees led us to include stage decks in the audience, to bring the performances closer. Surprise elements from above and beyond, bringing together all elements into one overarching storyline.

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