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We were invited by among others Faber and Beurs van Berlage to co-organise a diner experience during the corona crisis to inspire the market and show what is possible at 1.5 meter.


  • Concept & Story
  • Experience Design
  • Performing Arts
  • Choreography
  • Costume Design & Make-up
  • Prop Design
  • Show Control
  • Show Crew


  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The events industry was certainly a market that received the hardest hits during the corona pandemic. Yet even in a situation where we needed to keep our distance, creativity has its ways of bringing us closer.

Together with our partners in this project, Beurs van Berlage, BloemBloem, Koninklijke van den Boer Groep, Faber-AV and Ampco Flashlight, we organized an event. Without a client involved, we pushed ourselves to show that even with strict boundaries, there were still ways to be together.

During this dining show, where the 1,5 meter distance policy was strictly implemented, we managed to host several interesting speakers and create a spectacular show moment. Amongst others the Alderman of Amsterdam Victor Everhardt and the CEO of the Beurs van Berlage gave a moving speech. We also had a message to share in a presentation and thereby introduced a show experience that represented the common thread of the evening. We feel alone, but are together.

Glass confinement

Having the main artists enter in glass showcases serves as repesentation of the isolation that people experienced.

Building up tension by positioning the show performance in the middle of the venue, between the tables and guests. Professionals in the event industry who waited eagerly to be entertained again.

The glass showcases were brought in by a troupe of dancers, all breathing through gas masks. This enabled them to walk close to the guests. The attached gas tanks they were breathing from was filled with beautiful fresh flowers, to create aesthetics in something provoking as gas masks.

“We should not come up with 20th century solutions, to 21st century problems.”
Koen Colmbijn — Creative Producer

Touch of realism

What about the future of events and live experiences? They developed at a rather steady pace, accelerated by digital innovations. Until… a global pandemic took the stage.

It demanded us and the world around us to rapidly adapt to new standards. Massively influencing society, our daily lives and almost everything around us.

Within this heedlessly spinning society, we – as event professionals – had to deal with the new standards and all consequences with it. However, when doing so, we still need to develop audience-centred experiences. Now even more than ever. We need to stop thinking about 20th-century solutions for a 21st-century reality. Allow us to welcome you to a New Reality.

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