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Communicate the message of a new digital era. Create an openingshow followed by a live concert by Eurovision’s Dutch representative Jeangu Marcrooy’s.


  • Concept & Story
  • Music Composition
  • Performing Arts

Commissioned by

  • TNW Events


  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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The Next Web Conference is a yearly event where industry leaders, inspirators and tech enthousiasts come together in order to explore the new, challenge the status quo and define the world of tomorrow. Introducing a new movement, we opened this conference in style.

We are at an inflection point and we have been here before. Innovation is never a straight line. If we look at the world of computing, history has shown that each new wave of transformation has been preceded by skepticism and doubt; before eventually changing the world.

At the start of such a transformational wave, we see technological advancement being challenged until we reach a point when suddenly breakthrough is exponential and unstoppable. Over the last fifty years, we’ve seen such a moment unfold four times before.

The story

It’s difficult to see a revolution when you are in the middle of it, but in ten years, when we look back on today, it might go a little something like this…

Internet of Things. Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence.

We are at an inflection point and if you look, you can already see what is about to happen.

We challenged the audience to recognize how drastically the world is about to change, again. Discover what the future is about, and how we will shape it together. Looking at the changes we could expect and the opportunities that comes with it. Together we can shape and define the next era.

Welcome to the fifth wave.

Visualizing the five waves, the intricate relation and the vulnerability of them, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten had a clear vision.
Koen Colmbijn, Plugged Live Shows

Round and about

The ‘in the round’ stage offered a unique opportunity to immerse the guests in a story of the different waves. Mixed with video content and amplified with custom music.

The bravery of Boris to open the conference with a showcase of acrobatic skills is noteworthy. Especially because he delivered it perfectly during a timecoded show.

After the opening show, Eurovision’s Dutch representative (2021) Jeangu Marcrooy opened the conference in style, building energy and anticipation for the days to follow.

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