PSV 100
years Ceremony


Develop an entertainment program including an opening and closing show for the ‘100th years PSV Celebration’ in the PSV Stadion, Eindhoven.


  • Concept & Story
  • Performing Arts
  • Show & Stage Special

Commissioned by

  • Unlimited Productions


  • Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Welcome to a world where Messi and Ronaldo embody entertainment. Where white lines define the stage. Where a football team conducts the music and where the audience is the orchestra.

The history of PSV makes the storyline for an amazing show. Enter the arena of one of The Netherlands’ most respected football clubs and enjoy their 100th anniversary.

For this event, we implemented an innovative and experiential idea. What if we create an app for the 40.000 visitors to download? What if we make the app connect to the show and turn each phone into a light effect?

With 38.000 downloads, we managed to get an amazing coverage of lights in the audience. As the closing show started, the lights in the stadium dimmed. And then, at the exact same moment 38.000 flashlights started to join in unison. Creating a large feeling of togetherness and a wondrous sight all over the PSV Stadion.

Show atmosphere

Football is about enjoying the adrenaline and the euphoria together. Being in a stadium where each fan became part of the lightshow amplified this feeling.

The challenge for this event was that we were not the only ones organizing a ceremonial and festive evening. There was a finale played by the PSV football team.

This led to the challenge that we would not know exactly when the halftime could start and when the match would be over. This made the showcalling challenging, but a fantastic experience.

“During halftime, a stage was build on the centrespot in a matter of minutes, allowing a national hero to start the halftime performance: Guus Meeuwis”.
Koen Colmbijn — Production Manager

Touch of excitement

The lights dimmed. As the multi-talented host sat behind her grand piano, the Shomobi application (mobile app) kicked in and facilitated a sea of light.

The host then took the stage, whilst the theme song by world famous DJ Sander van Doorn kicked in. He was virtually present from New York, USA. As the host joined on her electric violin, the orchestra situated on the field followed. Bringing together electronic dance- and classical music. Unifying a group of spectators that celebrated this very special moment: 100 years of PSV.

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