Launch of solar car Lightyear 0 in collaboration with Plugged Live Shows

On Thursday the 9th of June 2022 the online worldwide premiere of Lightyear 0 took place via YouTube. Lex Hoefsloot (CEO Lightyear) announced the improved electric solar car with a lot of symbolism. By using an art installation, Plugged Live Shows enhanced this reveal.


A bright horizon

The theme for the reveal of Lightyear 0 was “A bright horizon”. This symbolizes the better future which Lightyear wishes to contribute to by developing a revolutionary and durable car on solar energy.

Koen Colmbijn (creative show director Plugged Live Shows) tells about the launch. “With this launch we build a bridge between a product launch and a (live) show. Lightyear is an innovator who launches this unique car, making durability more accessible. With this vision in the back of our minds, we approached the concept of the show. The setting was scenographic and we took our chance to work with new multimedia innovations.”

Multimedia enhanced through art

“We worked together with Nick Verstand to create a common thread in the presentation. It became an art object which symbolized the rising sun, made with mirrors and lights. This sun was the central piece of the product launch.” It represented the connection between light (solar panels) and time (impact on durability). A bright horizon. The announcement of Lex Hoefsloot made for a magical moment during the reveal of the newest car in the Lightyear collection.

Welcome to the dawn…

In 2019 the prototype Lightyear 1 was uniquely introduced to the world by Plugged Live Shows. Visitors were invited at 05:23 in the night for a presentation of the car, with the big highlight: the first demonstration. The car was put in the spotlight by the rising of the actual sun. Welcome to the dawn of Lightyear 1.

It was an emotional and unique experience and earned Plugged Live Shows a Golden Giraffe award in the category PR & Media Value. Since the release of the prototype, many big changes have been made. From a car with solar panels on the roof to the first electrical solar car. More information on the reveal of the Lightyear 1 can be found here.

The age of clean mobility

The Lightyear 0 combines a sporty design with efficiency and safety features. The car is stylishly streamlined and lightweight, resulting in a low power consumption. The car drives on average 710 kilometers on one charged battery. As soon as the car gets in touch with sunlight, it will start the charging process. This results in a larger period of time between the regular charging sessions.

The launch of thie Lightyear 0, as an online event was the kick-off for a physical tour through different countries.

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