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Unveil your latest innovation with a bang. With Plugged Live Shows, we create captivating live experiences that ensure your product doesn't just launch – it soars. We handle everything from concept to execution, transforming your product reveal into a memorable event that commands attention and stirs excitement in the market.

The success of your product launch hinges not solely on understanding the objectives and identifying your target audience. It's about capturing its essence, its features, and its uniqueness in such a way that the audience truly connects with your product. It's about leaving the same impression on both the audience present during the actual live event as well as the people experiencing the event from a distance. Let us help you define these critical elements, ensuring your product makes a spectacular entrance that resonates with the right people, creating a buzz that lasts.


Concept & Story


Performing Arts


Technical Production

Project Management

Don’t just launch. Captivate.

A product launch is more than just a reveal—it’s an event that shapes the narrative of your product. With Plugged Live Shows, we help you develop a compelling theme that makes your launch not just another announcement, but an unforgettable spectacle.

Why Choose a Live Show?

Instant Connection

Forge a direct connection with your audience in real-time. No filters, no barriers – just authentic engagement.

Unrivaled Excitement

Build anticipation, generate buzz, and create an atmosphere that’s impossible to ignore. A live show brings your product to life like never before.

Memorable Impact

Leave a lasting impression that lingers long after the curtains close. A well-executed live event can transform mere spectators into devoted brand advocates.

Expertise that runs deep

We’re not technicians – we’re storytellers with a great understanding of the technical aspect of an event. Our creative vision drives us to push the boundaries of conventional product launches, crafting narratives that engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Discover our Product Launches

26 Shows with over 25M+ vistors across 18 different countries.

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car lightyear 1 lights orange show
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Branded Event

The Dawn
of Lightyear 1

For a privileged few were invited to an unorthodox car reveal at 5:23 AM. The message to the automotive industry was clear. Welcome to the dawn of Lightyear 1.

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astera's led light dancers james bond 007
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Branded Event

Bond Premiere
‘No Time To Die’

We were honoured to open the official James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ premiere in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Based on cinematics, rooted in suspension.

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