Props & Premise: The Story of a Peacock

We are excited to release our newest video: Props & Premise: The Story of a Peacock. With this video, we dive deeper into the world of show-making. And in particular this act of the latest 125 years celebration.


Passion as a core value in this new video

We created a scene about passion, one of the core values of our client. However beautiful this is, it could easily flip to the wrong side of the coin. This performance is about the passion, pride, struggle and blossoming of ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh.

We are incredibly inspired by the strength, the movements and the story of Ahmad. We made us see passion differently. All this inspiration led to the finalization of the act.

In this video we take you by the hand on a journey into our minds. What was the inspiration behind the scenography of this act, how did the intense choreography and interplay with the prop came to be?

Hear all about the challenges, the storytelling and the choreography it in the video here.

This video is associated with the 125 years anniversary show page. If you would like to know more about how we handled this special show, sign up or contact us for more information.



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