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In the spring of 2022 we celebrated the birthday of a large multinational with theatrical flair. We built a custom theater rigging system within Theater Amsterdam to carry the heavy custom scenography for a full evening show full of festivities, moments of meaning and emotion. By portraying our client’s core values with an artistic twist, we told the story of 125 years of growth. For we age not by years, but by stories.

Based on the core values of our client we created five acts, each with their own unique story and artistic live experience. The content of the show entailed a mix of multimedia, pre-recorded video, speeches, musical performances and performing arts; together creating a one-of-a-kind anniversary celebration. The aesthetic and common thread of the theater show was inspired by our client’s special anniversary logo with subtle references to their growth as a company.

We made an elaborate scenographic design based on the year rings of a tree, which resulted in over 25.000 kilos in the ceiling of Theater Amsterdam. Every show moment represented a new layer in the yearrings, which only became visible at the finale. The stage welcomed an orchestra, the talented Iris van Nuland, elegant ballet and contemporary dancers, the principal dancer Ahmad Joudeh, a custom video of violin-builder Gaspar Borchardt and artists Miyoko Shida, Blaxtar and Typhoon together with Sabrina Starke.

Layered scenography

Dynamic scenography with multiple decor sheets, coming together through choreographed motion elements and video projection.

Our starting point was a blank sheet, like a piece of paper draped over the stage. With each scene, a new decor layer appeared on stage, with intelligent cut-outs to create the tree rings. Every sheet supported the story of that act, changing the scenography and meaning of the environment.

For the big finale, all layers came together elegantly. Showing how each step en route towards growth helps create our client’s journey over the past 125 years.

Interacting with the stage

The first act was about to set the tone: a walk down memory lane with a modern edge. A projection mapping choreography in black-and-white.

The lights dimmed and several contemporary dancers entered the blank sheet that was the stage. Slowly, but surely they began to interact with the paper on the backdrop and the floor, which could both be fully projected on. Through choreography and video content this act told a tale of the history of the company, how it was founded and the intricacies that came with it. There was inception, a moment of war, uncertainty and innovation. This was expressed by talented dancers with a multi-faceted choreography, costumes, moving decor pieces and flawless interaction with the visuals.

From Amsterdam to Milan

Curiosity gives the courage to trail new paths. Representing this core value of our client, we knew we had to cross borders into unknown territory.

From the specific shaped show element to the remarkable story of a truly fascinating man. So, we traveled to Italy, where we interviewed and shot the violin maker Gaspar Borchardt. In his own atelier, he told us about the importance of curiosity during his quest for the perfect wood. This was shot and edited in an unconventional frame, as the actual projection sheet that would appear from the ceiling, was shaped as the negative of a violin.

The video was followed by a touching performance of the young violinist Iris van Nuland. She started playing a gorgeous solo that led to the opening of the backdrop of the stage, gently unveiling a large orchestra in the background. As the orchestra played along from the start whilst still unseen, this created the need for an invisible conductor. The conductor stood backstage, displayed through video for the musicians, yet invisible to the audience.

“I came to this world out of love. I was kept in the dark til I found the light within.”
Ahmad Joudeh — Principal Dancer

Let passion bloom

A giant moving prop on the stage supported this act of pride.

Passion as a core value, flips to two sides of the same coin. With the story of ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh and an intricate choreography we wanted to shed a light on these two sides. Passion can make you flourish, but it can also take a toll on you.

This passionate story was supported by a large prop as a centerpiece. Ahmad starts off alone, in the dark, but slowly finds a place of belonging. When he does, at this exact moment in the choreography the prop unfolds, revealing a large peacock with 125 flowers. Passion is overflowing, and all struggles so far fade to the past.

The symbolism of kintsugi

A large genderless face as a representation of the core value 'diversity'.

A spoken word performance by Blaxtar shed a beautiful light on inclusivity, by talking about people, togetherness and seeing the best in all people. During his performance, he was accompanied by different dancers holding parts of a large prop – a face. A face that represented no recognizable feature, thereby representing us all.

The symbolism of this performance was based on kintsugi. This is the Japanese art of repairing broken objects with gold, making the breakage a shiny part of the prop. When it all came together, a gorgeous face of 2 meters arose, making the spoken word performance a strong representation of diversity.


The unfolding of the tree rings in a grand and festive finale.

For the big finale, all the rings of the tree came together, creating that distinctive shape. Supported by lights, music and the amazing Sabrina Starke and Typhoon. A festive ending of a great celebration in the history of this company. This show has been performed twice.

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