• Concept & story
  • Performing arts
  • Music compositions
  • Art direction


At the core of this immersive experience was the idea that personal choices would shape each guest’s day. Upon entering the venue each guest was offered a mask, which they (preferably) had to wear throughout the entire first segment of the event, called ‘The Maze of Choices’.

Here they were also presented with a platter of tantalising drinks, each sealed with a white or black cap, symbolising the duality of their journey. Wearing the mask, anonymity became their cloak of invisibility, highlighting the sense of individuality as they journeyed forward.


The Maze

Within “The Maze” three vibrant thematic areas awaited exploration

1. Kaleidoscope: Celebrating diversity and inclusion, this area pulsated with the countless colours of human experience, inviting guests to embrace differences.

2. Planet Playtime: An interactive zone, where eco-conscious innovations sparked imaginations and inspired stewardship of our planet.

3. Fantastic Unknown: An area where technology and innovation collided, offering glimpses into a future shaped by creativity and ingenuity.

Each area tantalised the senses, offering a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and sensations that sparked curiosity and fuelled imagination.

The Gathering

Exiting the maze, guests were divided into three large groups and ushered into dynamic breakout sessions.

After this individual journey, everyone met again for a while during the ‘Gathering’, an interpretation of networking drinks from the future, where people served themselves drinks and the snacks were driven around by robots.

Once again divided into three groups, the participants continued their way to three inspiration sessions after the ‘Gathering’. In ‘The ABC of Futureland’, Jan Trendman took visitors through the design and consumer trends that determine the market today and tomorrow. Which trends apply in the culinary field was the topic that food designer Katja Gruijters took her audience through. Plugged Live Shows combined a speech by Koen Colmbijn about Experience Design and Transformative Experience with an impressive show.

The Playground

All paths eventually converged, uniting guests in a celebration of shared experiences during networking drinks.

This segment pulsated with energy, offering a sensory feast – delectable cuisine, tantalising libations, and next-level entertainment echoing the day’s themes of diversity, sustainability, and innovation. In the tapestry of Project Playground ’23 Choices’, every thread represented a unique journey, woven together to create a vibrant mosaic of exploration, discovery, and transformation.

Project Playground was an initiative of, created and produced by Bazelmans AV, Boozed, Hete Peper, Plugged Live Shows, Sugarfactory and The Fireflies.

Unique and thoughtfully designed. Took risks which can make some uncomfortable but the overall guest will not forget the experience and the companies that took the risk.
Taren Bradley Executive Producer, The Dufour Collaborative
Creative, bold and provoking event design that delivered impressive results.
Kadri Karu Managing Director, Estonian Convention Bureau
This is next world brilliance! Absolutely beautiful and ethereal and deeply inspiring. I loved this event and as a planner it really intrigued me. I want to attend.
Stacy Wyatt Founder & Publisher, Canadian Special Events Magazine